Other forensic anthropology services

offered by dr. garvin

case/report peer reviews

  • Besides performing reviews for counsel, Dr. Garvin is happy to assist fellow Forensic Anthropologists by performing external case reviews and report peer reviews.

Trainings & Invited Talks

  • Dr. Garvin has given talks and workshops at various venues, including Pennsylvania Coroner Courses, The Iowa Association of Medical Examiners, The Iowa Division of the International Association of Identification, Midwest Death Investigation Course, Midwest Association of Forensic Scientists, DCI Major Crime Unit, and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

  • She has also given public lectures and talks to elemetary, middle, and highschool students.

skeletal Research

  • Dr. Garvin has more than 45 publications (peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters) related to the human skeleton.

  • She has authored or co-authored more than 70 presentations at national meetings, such as the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

  • She has received multiple Federal Grants from the National Institute of Justice.

  • She mentors student research.

  • Besides her forensic anthropology research, Dr. Garvin has also been involved with the discovery and analysis of Homo naledi, a new species of human ancestor discovered in the caves of South Africa in 2014.

Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology edited by garvin and langley

Every forensic anthropology case is unique. Practitioners routinely face new challenges and unexpected outcomes. Courses and introductory texts generally address standard or ideal cases. In practice, however, forensic anthropologists must improvise frequently during forensic archaeological recoveries and laboratory analyses based on case circumstances. Most forensic anthropologists have encountered unconventional cases with surprising results. While these cases act as continuing education for practitioners—better preparing them for future encounters— such learning opportunities may be limited by the extent of personal experiences. This text exposes practitioners and students to a diverse array of case examples they may not otherwise encounter, sharing experiential knowledge and contributing to the advancement the field.

OsteoID Bone Identification

Dr. Garvin created a freely available web tool to assist in the identification of skeletal remains: OsteoID.


Narrow searches by size, compare to photographs, and even view 3D models of remains!

Case Documentation

  • All cases are thoroughly photo-documented.

  • Dr. Garvin also has capaibilities of 3D scanning elements and 3D printing.