Search & Recovery of remains

forensic anthropology at the scene

Search & Recovery of remains

  • Can provide consutlation or assistance in the search and recovery of human remains.

  • Available to determine whether remains discovered during a search are human or nonhuman

      • If not in person, can be available via text/email to assess human from nonhuman from photographs for immediate assistance

  • Scene experiences include:

      • Surface Scatters

      • Clandestine Burials

      • Exhumations

      • Lake/River Environments

      • Fatal Fire Scenarios (House, Car, Burn Piles, Plane Crashes)

  • Agencies Assisted include:

      • Pennsylvania State Police

      • Various Pennsylvania County Coroners

      • Several Ohio County Coroners / Medical Examiners

      • Several New York County Coroners / Medical Examiners

      • Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner

      • Polk County Medical Examiners Office

      • Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation

      • FBI